Our staff

The team at Newlands Clinic

Some 86 local staff work at our Clinic in Harare. They provide day-to-day care for the patients and train healthcare workers from across Zimbabwe.

Our team: 86 staff members provide day-to-day care for our over 8,000 patients and train healthcare workers from other clinics in Zimbabwe.

(Photo: Andrew Philips, March 2024)


Prof. Ruedi Lüthy, a Swiss doctor and HIV/Aids specialist, started in 2004 with around 15 staff. The team now covers a wide range of professions: nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians, pharmacists, social workers, psychologists, administration staff and people working in logistics and housekeeping. All of them passionately committed to providing the best possible care for Newlands Clinic's patients.

Specialising in HIV

Senior medical doctors Cleophas Chimbetete and Margaret Pascoe ensure the ongoing training of the medical staff, and the nurses, doctors, laboratory technicians and pharmacists have become true HIV specialists. Some of them are passing on their knowledge as lecturers or mentors to staff from other clinics, as well as carrying out research projects. As the Founder and long-standing Director of the clinic, Ruedi Lüthy is still passing on the knowledge he has amassed over the years to the staff and to other local healthcare workers.


Founder and Executive Board

Founder, Consultant and long-standing Director of the clinic Prof. Ruedi Lüthy.

Medical Department

Medical Coordinator PD Dr. med. Stefan Zimmerli, Medical Director Clinical Affairs Dr Margaret Pascoe and Dr Cleophas Chimbetete, Director Training and Research.

Administration and Finance Department

Country Director Matthias Widmaier and Givemore Tsikwa, Deputy Administrative Director.


Medical staff

Eight doctors and 19 nurses specialised in HIV/Aids care for our more than 8,000 patients. Almost a third of them also train healthcare workers from other clinics.

Manager doctors: Dr. Margaret Pascoe and Dr. Cleophas Chimbetete
Manager nurses: Sr Melody


Our administration team cares for all issues related to Finance, HR, Training  and Programme management.

Deputy Administrative Director: Givemore Tsikwa (on the left)
Clinic Manager: Marion Mukasa-Batende (third from left)

General hand

A clinic also needs people to take care of tasks such as cleaning, gardening and transport. Every day, our general hand staff makes sure that everything at Newlands Clinic runs smoothly.

Manager: Sr Melody and Marion Mukasa-Batende

IT Department

IT department is responsible for development of our software ePOC as well as for trainings and the clinic's infrastructure.

Manager: Givemore Tsikwa


At Newlands Clinic's well equipped laboratory viral load tests and other HIV related blood tests can be done.

Manager: Tinei Shamu (on the right)

Mental and social health

The departement comprises psychosocial services for individual and groups, social services, peer counselling and food aid.

Manager: Bahati Kasimonje (fifth from left)


Newlands Clinic has its own well-equipped pharmacy where patients can collect their medication after the check-up.

Manager: Tinashe Mudzviti (on the right)

Reception team

All patients and guests coming to our clinic are welcomed by the reception team. The five staff members care for their needs, book appointments and try to assist wherever they can.

Manager: Marion Mukasa-Batende

Research Team

Newlands Clinic’s research team is composed of staff from different departments, including the medical unit, pharmacy, lab, psychosocial services and a research assistant.

Manager: Dr. Cleophas Chimbetete (on the right)