Important contribution to HIV research

Our team helps to improve complex HIV therapy in southern Africa. Newlands Clinic conducts its own research and also participates in international studies on HIV. Our goal is to improve patient management and to share our knowledge with other healthcare professionals.

Improving HIV care

At Newlands Clinic we conduct research in several thematic areas within the realm of HIV focusing on the improvement of patient management. Through publications in international medical journals and the presentation of our results at various local and international meetings, we can also disseminate facets of our model to other healthcare professionals.

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Software ePOC

Newlands Clinic has designed a software for HIV treatment. ePOC can increase the quality of treatment since it also offers support in decisions on diagnoses and therapy in addition to recording patient data. The software is being used in three clinics of Population Services International and by the organisation John Snow International. It is also currently in use at two central hospitals, with four more set to follow.