INTEREST Conference: Mortality Causes

Our team examined changes in mortality between 2010 and 2020 at Newlands Clinic. While fewer deaths from infectious diseases occurred, the ones from non-communicable diseases, and malignancies increased. Therefore, prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment get more crucial preventing early deaths. Our team presented the poster at the INTEREST conference in Kampala, Uganda.

Mortality Causes Newlands Clinic

Nurse taking blood from a HIV patient at Newlands Clinic in Zimbabwe.

The study looked at the changes in mortality that occurred between 2010 and 2020. The goal was to examine why they are losing patients, so they can channel more resources toward preventing deaths.

The significant findings are that the median age of death has increased from 19 in 2010 to 46 years in 2020. However, Newlands Clinic is still behind in terms of the national life expectancy at 61 years as of 2020. Almost half of the patients died from infectious diseases in 2010, but this decreased to about one-third in 2020. The biggest increases in the cause of death occurred in non-communicable diseases, as well as in malignancies. The non-HIV-related malignancies are increasing and overtook the HIV-related ones.

What all this means is as the epidemic matures and people are living longer with HIV, Newlands Clinic now needs to have even more comprehensive HIV care. Newlands Clinic needs to intensify focus on prevention, early diagnosis, and early treatment of non-communicable diseases and malignancies (especially non-HIV related ones) to prevent more deaths.

Poster: Mortality Causes Newlands Clinic