Delivery of laboratory items arrived

Our laboratory at Newlands Clinic finally received a delivery of testing supplies. Due to the corona crisis it has been challenging to import material. Samples we had to put on hold are now being processed by our staff. This is how we ensure high quality treatment at Newlands Clinic.

Our laboratory was running low on testing supplies. Most of our orders are placed outside from Zimbabwe, predominantly South Africa. Due to the corona crisis it is hard to import material what made it difficult to predict when a shipment will be delivered. Fur urgent testing we could always get back to other laboratories. Non-urgent samples were stored in freezers. Thanks to the delivery we can now offer unlimited testing again. Our team started working on the backlog immediately after unpacking the delivery. It will take another week to clear the backlog that had accumulated, but our team is well on course. Thanks to the testing we can evaluate the effectiveness of treatment. Therefore, we measure the suppression of the viral load. In our well-equipped laboratory at Newlands Clinic we ran 16’000 tests in 2019.