Latest Adjustments at Newlands Clinic

Newlands Clinic provides essential medical services during the lockdown period to patients in dire need. Our team makes it possible: Thanks to their tireless and professional engagement Newlands Clinic remains partially open.

Our team gave everything for our patients in the last few days.

The government in Zimbabwe ordered a shutdown due to the spreading of the coronavirus. Two teams are rotating weekly to secure the core business at Newlands Clinic. We aim for the protection of our patients and our staff. And we want to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Patients in dire need of treatment still have access to the clinic.

Distribution of HIV drugs
Newlands Clinic distributed as many drugs to the patients as possible in the past few days. It has been a commanding act for all of us. The patients who got their medications, don't have to come to the clinic for another three months.
Approximately 3’500 patients picked up their medication at Newland Clinic last week and over the weekend. The number of patients at the clinic doubled in these days. This would not have been possible to cope with but with the extraordinary effort of our team in Harare.

The rush of people was high especially during the weekend – our staff at the pharmacy had their hands full of work.

Fight against hunger
Over the past few days, our team distributed as much food as possible to patients under the threat of famine. Approximately 125 patients are getting food for themselves and their families every week. Food aid contains mealie meal, beans, oil, and peanut butter. Our team is working tirelessly to obtain more and more food, which is hard to do under the given circumstances. Even though the pressure is very high and the situation grueling, our team is working professionally and doesn’t lose its cool.

55 patients picked up their food supply for the month of Avril during the weekend.

We are doing everything we can to guide our patients safe and sound through this crisis.

Thanks for your support!