Food delivery received

Newlands Clinic obtained another delivery of food. Our stock will last for some additional weeks. Furthermore, our Clinic mastered the first week of the lockdown Zimbabwe well.

“We are extremely relieved”, says our country director Matthias Widmaier due to the delivery of food. “We are now well stocked to give out food to our patients for the coming weeks.” There are more and more people who are suffering from hunger and must rely on help because the already collapsing economy worsened due to the corona crisis plus the price for mealie meal rose about 80 percent. Last week 15 patients a day collected mealie meal, beans, and oil from Newlands Clinic for their families and themselves.

The core business is operating fine
Because of the lockdown in Zimbabwe, Newlands Clinic had to reduce its offer to essential medical services. “Our staff and patients accomplished the first days perfectly. Everything is working out as planned”, Matthias Widmaier says. The number of patients visiting the clinic is declining. Before the lockdown, about 300 people visited Newlands Clinic each day. Now about 90 patients per day are coming.  Some require urgent medical assistance. Thanks to a card system, which identifies them as Newlands Clinic patients to come to the clinic without any hassles. Even if there are roadblocks and police enforcement. “It is an agreeable development “, says CEO Sabine Lüthy “we are hoping it remains for a while. We are doing everything possible to be there for our patients.”