AIDS 2022: prevent Tuberculosis

People living with HIV are more likely to suffer from Tuberculosis. Therefore, Newlands Clinic is closely monitoring and offering prevention treatment. To evaluate the most suitable therapy our head of pharmacy, Tinashe Mudzviti, compared the two modalities offered in a study. Our team presented its findings at the AIDS 2022 conference in Montreal, Canada.

HIV and Tuberculosis

Pharmacist handing over medication to a HIV patient.

Infection with both HIV and Tuberculosis (TB) is called an HIV/TB coinfection. Untreated latent TB infection - inactive TB bacteria residing in the lungs - is more likely to advance to TB disease in people with HIV than in people without HIV. In people with HIV, TB disease is considered an AIDS-defining condition. This latent TB infection can be treated in HIV patients in order that they do not develop active TB disease. Two treatment modalities have been offered at Newlands Clinic for latent TB infection. Patients received either isoniazid (6H) once daily for 6 months or alternatively, they could receive a combination of rifapentine plus isoniazid (3HP) once weekly for 3 months. We evaluated these treatment modalities to identify the causes of treatment discontinuation in either of these two modalities. Using 3HP led to better adherence to latent TB treatment, less side effects, and more completion of this TB preventive therapy.

Poster: HIV and Tuberculosis