Update: Situation at Newlands Clinic Coronavirus

While coronavirus is spreading all over the world, Newlands Clinic is taking safety measures. We want to minimize the infection risk as much as possible. Read all about the latest developments.

30th March 2020
We can say that Newlands Clinic will be open for the provision of services during the ‘lockdown’ period. If a patient thinks they may have signs and symptoms of possible COVID 19 infection, they should phone the Clinic before they come and ask to speak to a doctor. If a patient is concerned that they may not be able to come for their scheduled appointment, they are free to come in any time, there will be staff who will attend to them.

23th March 2020
The Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care reported its first coronavirus death. Another person tested positive. Newlands Clinic made provisions. As of today, patients must pass screening before entering the clinic. Our staff is measuring temperature and asking questions about the patients’ health status and other possible risks.

20th March 2020
Zimbabwe has no confirmed COVID-19 cases until now. We are monitoring the situation closely. Newlands Clinic is continuously adapting the measures we already took. We are welcoming every patient in a temporary pavilion as of Monday. more…

17th March 2020
Until now, COVID-19 did not affect Zimbabwe. All suspected cases turned out to be negative, the Zimbabwean Ministry of Health and Child Care reported. Our medical staff at Newlands Clinic is closely monitoring the situation and took precautionary measures. more…