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Update: Situation at Newlands Clinic Coronavirus

While coronavirus is still dominating the world, Newlands Clinic is keeping its safety measures in place to minimize the infection risk as much as possible. Read all about the latest developments.


Scientific publications at a glance

To improve the complex HIV therapy in southern Africa, our team at Newlands Clinic conducts its research and participates in international studies on HIV. Our goal is to improve patient management and to share our knowledge with other healthcare. Access our research work on our new webpage:

Scientific Publications

IDAI destruction, new home, family, Newlands Clinic, Ruedi Luethy Foundation

Support for Cyclone IDAI affected families

Thanks to a generous donation Newlands Clinic rebuilt two houses, which were destroyed by Cyclone IDAI in March 2019. One of NC’s patients, Tsitsi, who is partially blind and married to a blind man with one common child, lost her belongings and house in Chipinge. Elizabeth, a staff members sister, suffered the same fate living in Chimanimani. She is married and has seven children. Tsitsi and Elizabeth are both very happy and grateful being blessed with new homes.


Important contribution to HIV research

Besides providing life-saving treatment to people with HIV/Aids, Newlands Clinic helps ensure the ongoing improvement of retroviral therapy in southern Africa. This is possible thanks to the high-quality long-term data we gather with our own software, ePOC.


Life-saving knowledge for southern Africa

In 2019 the Newlands Clinic Training Centre provided 871 healthcare workers with a solid grounding in the effective treatment of HIV/Aids. For the second time it was possible to stage a course for nurses in southern African countries with the support of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC).


"The crisis is bringing out the best in all of us"

Ruedi and Sabine Lüthy work hand in hand for the benefit of patients at Newlands Clinic. Together they resume last year in our annual report.


Delivery of laboratory items arrived

Our laboratory at Newlands Clinic finally received a delivery of testing supplies. Due to the corona crisis it has been challenging to import material. Samples we had to put on hold are now being processed by our staff. This is how we ensure high quality treatment at Newlands Clinic.


2019 Annual Report

The year 2019 was an extremely difficult time for people in Zimbabwe. Thanks to judicious planning, loyal donors and a dedicated team, we were able to give more than 6,700 people with HIV/Aids hope for a better future. Read more about our activities:


Annual Report 2019

Keeping up mental health during corona crisis

The lockdown in Zimbabwe puts a number of our already vulnerable patients in distress. Our mental and social health (MSH) team is more indispensable than ever. They had to find new ways to support our patients during the corona crisis. Bahati Kasimonje, head of social and mental health, is giving an insight: