Happy Birthday Ruedi Lüthy Foundation!

Our foundation was created 15 years ago: “I am proud of an incredible team”. Listen to Ruedi Lüthy’s short interview.

Today, more than 6,000 patients living with HIV are treated at our Newlands Clinic. A big and heartful thank you to all our supporters and our staff for making this happen!

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I empower patients, as living with HIV involves lots of psycho-social issues and stigma

Marigold Mupunga talks about her first few weeks as a social worker at the Newlands Clinic. Find out what inspires her most, and what is crucial in her role.


IWD2018: High five to the women!

Today is International Women's Day 2018! Your wish for every woman?

Watch the Newlands Clinic employees Petronella Mudhokwani, Linda Chirimuta, Eleanor Kaziboni and Charity Hutete!

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Happy International Women's Day and High Five to the Women in Zimbabwe, Switzerland and worldwide!

IWD2018: hear some voices!

Tomorrow is International Women's Day 2018! Listen to what the gentlemen at our Newlands Clinic have to say.

Our staff members Tinashe Mudzviti, Stefan Zimmerli and Walker Takaendesa know exactly what they wish for the women! Watch our video on youtube.

Study ‘TENART’ confirms high quality of care at Newlands Clinic

Over a 10-year period, HIV specialist Ruedi Lüthy and his team examined the outcomes of more than 600 long-term HIV patients receiving treatment at Newlands Clinic. Thanks to the comprehensive care and support they are given, the results are very good: 90% of the patients in care for ten years have a fully suppressed viral load.


Stefan Zimmerli takes up duties as Medical Coordinator

As announced at the end of 2016, following a thorough induction process Stefan Zimmerli is now officially taking up his duties as Medical Coordinator at Newlands Clinic. Prof. Ruedi Lüthy will continue to play an active role, providing advice on medical matters where required.


14 tons of milk powder arrived at Newlands Clinic

A large delivery of milk powder has arrived at Newlands Clinic last week. The high-protein powder is also rich in vitamins. The 14 tons will be distributed to the children with HIV to support their growth as well as to patients recovering from illness. We would like to say a huge thank you to the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), which has been financing the milk powder since 2008.

2016 Annual Report

Our parent organisation Ruedi Lüthy Foundation has published its 2016 Annual Report. In addition to an overview of our activities, it gives you an insight into everyday working life of Newlands Clinic’s social worker. Melania Mugamu visits especially vulnerable patients such as orphans or single mothers in their homes in order to find out how we can support them. Having her own HIV story to tell, the fight against HIV/Aids is particularly close to her heart.

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Mew medicines for babies and infants

Just like adults, babies and infants receiving treatment at Newlands Clinic have to take their HIV medicine every day. Thus far they have received this in the form of a bitter syrup, which made administering the drug very unpleasant. Thanks to the Clinton Health Access Initiative, 24 babies and infants up to the age of three now receive their medicine in small pellets, which can be added to their food twice a day. This means the treatment is no longer a daily ordeal for the parents and children. The pilot project started in April 2017 and will run until the end of the year. It will then be evaluated to determine whether to switch over to the new medicine in the long term.